Attack on Khartoum arms warehouse
Onlookers gather to looks at a huge fire that engulf the Yarmouk ammunition factory in Khartoum 24 October, 2012. A huge fire broke out after a loud explosion which was attributed to an Israeli air strike Reuters

Arab media outlets have suggested that Israel launched a series of pre-dawn air raids on Khartoum on Wednesday 6 May after loud explosions were heard in the Sudanese capital.

An Al-Araby correspondent on the ground cited military sources as saying that the explosions heard in Khartoum were caused by an attack carried out by a "foreign entity".

Israel has in years past reportedly struck targets in Sudan, which military officials say has been used as a way station for arms sent by Iran and destined for the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

In July 2014, a huge explosion destroyed a Sudanese ammunition warehouse.

Sudanese Intelligence at the time claimed that the explosion, which took place in a military training camp in Al-Gaili, north of the capital Khartoum, was caused by "a local fire." A Sudanese army spokesman, A-Sawarmi Khaled Sa'ad, said the explosion had no connection to "external hands, or a domestic act of sabotage".

Israel has maintained silence on the attacks, neither confirming nor denying its involvement.