A man allegedly wielding a knife was shot and killed by police officers near Boston University on 19 June. Massachusetts State Police are investigating in the area of Storrow Drive in Boston.

According to CBS Boston, police confirmed that shots were fired on the Silber Footbridge near Back Street and Storrow Drive before 3pm EST. Authorities cordoned off parts of the Boston Esplanade with crime scene tape. Several police cruisers were in the area after the shooting, CBS Boston reported.

The Boston Globe reported that the shooting incident involved Boston University police and state troopers.

The university sent students, faculty and staff an alert warning them to avoid the area of Bay State Road and Silber Way due to an ongoing police presence. "There is no ongoing threat. You will be advised to any changes of the situation," the alert read.

Ed Davis, a WBZ-TV security analyst, said he was driving on Storrow Drive during the incident and said he witnessed a man running along the road holding a knife in his hands. Davis said the knife wielding man approached officers, who yelled at him to drop his weapon.

Police then shot and killed the suspect. However, authorities have not confirmed details relating to the shooting. A spokesman for Boston University said he could not confirm the report or provide any information.

UPDATE 4.42pm EST: During a press conference, State Police Colonel Tim Alben said police were looking for a person who had outstanding warrants out of Roxbury District Court. The suspect was described as being a light-skinned man. The man shot was possibly Caucasian or Hispanic, Alben said.

According to Alben, the suspect was running away from police when he was confronted around 2pm EST. He brandished a knife and was told by officers to put down his weapon. The man allegedly threatened the officers and was then shot by a Massachusetts State trooper.

The Boston Globe reported a witness saying police shot the suspect four times. "I saw him go down," the female witness said, before she was escorted away by investigators.

Alben did not confirm whether the man was the suspect they were searching for, but said he had a "substantial and long criminal history". Authorities did not immediately confirm the identity of the suspect, but said next of kin were being notified. No police or bystanders were injured during the shooting.

Boston University spokesman Colin Riley told IBTimes UK, "Mass State Police are overseeing the investigation. BU notified the community of a police response, but there was no threat to the community and that was included in the alert."

The university sent out the alert at 3.15pm, about an hour after the incident occurred. Riley said the alert was delayed because "there was no threat to the community."

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