Brian May updated his fans about his health condition after going through surgery following a mild heart attack in May.

The Queen guitarist took to Instagram to share that he is doing fine albeit his recovery has been very slow. He said he is still learning how to regain enough strength to properly walk after injuring his butt and his spine from a garden accident in May.

"Just a quick word. I finally managed to get to the music room. I'm recovering slowly," May said, adding that he is still crawling around the house on his hands and knees, "not very rock-star like."

The 72-year-old musician said that the injuries from his fall are causing him more pain and discomfort that his heart problems. He remains hopeful though that one day he will be functional again so he can "go out there and do some great stuff."

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In a previous post, May thanked everyone for their well-wishes and messages of support. He said he was overwhelmed since he did not expect to receive all that support.

"I'm overwhelmed and really more touched by the torrent of love and support that's come back at me after all the coverage in the press, I really didn't expect all that. As you can see I'm OK. My email box and everything else is so full of incredible messages, I will never be able to thank you all individually, so let me please at least thank you all here," he said.

Last month, May sustained an injury to his gluteus maximus after a garden accident. He also found out when he had an MRI that the discs on his spine got "so squished." On top of that, he later revealed that he suffered a "small heart attack" that had him in pain for over an hour.

The musician later learned that he had three blocked arteries. The doctor advised him to get bypass surgery or have stents fitted in to open up the arteries. He chose the latter. Now, he working hard to get his health back.

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