Brian Underwood's Full Circle Mentorship Strategy
Brian Underwood's Full Circle Mentorship Strategy Brian Underwood

Think of anything that you have excelled at in your life - odds are, to one degree or another, someone who walked the path before you helped share the lay of the land, the pitfalls, and the steps necessary to succeed. Mentorship is crucial, and in today's world, it's more in-demand than ever, especially in the entrepreneurship space. So when you have the opportunity to learn first-hand from a CEO who has navigated the business minefield and come out the other side with a billion-dollar brand, you take it. That's what thousands have done at Prüvit, the Kentucky-based keto and biohacking disrupter. Founded just 7 years ago by Brian Underwood and two partners, the company has not only created a world-class product line, billions in sales, and a thriving community - they've also relied on their CEO to mentor the up-and-coming entrepreneurs within their ecosystem. "I had the benefit of learning from phenomenal mentors." Brian says, "People who have experienced the daily grind and dedication that is necessary to be successful. Applying those lessons and learning the mindset that is needed to make it helped me tremendously. It's now my passion to pay that forward and help foster some of the incredible talent within the Prüvit community and beyond."

We spoke with 11 of the leaders under Brian's tutelage to learn what they have absorbed from him over the years, the role of mentorship in their professional journey, and how they pass that on to the members of their teams. Here's what they had to say:

Kelsi Gygi
Kelsi Gygi Brian Underwood

Kelsi Gygi - "Mentorship is guidance given from someone who has walked the path before you. The relationship is personal and individual. A good mentor is willing to share tools and thoughts openly. Over the years mentorship has played a big role in my growth and overall success . I have had the pleasure of being mentored by people who provide tools and resources they knew would help me get past any self limiting beliefs so that I could get to the next level. Having an outside perspective, especially from someone who has gone where you're looking to go, can fill in gaps quickly and accelerate success. I love how mentorship ensures I'm always going up."

Michael Rutherford
Michael Rutherford Brian Underwood

Michael Rutherford - "I've had a few very hands-on mentors that have sculpted every single step of my growth and success. I owe everything to them. I build the day to day business exactly how it was taught to me. I learned by watching and doing so I teach by showing and doing. I try to put people eager to lead positions that require them to step up and do it."

Mandy Mitchell
Mandy Mitchell Brian Underwood

Mandy Mitchell - "Mentorship is something that I can seek out and lean on when I'm ready to turn my next-level vision into reality. It's been instrumental to my success. It's vital because the more people are mentored, the more they go on to mentor others which creates a ripple of success!"

Natalie Kilbourne
Natalie Kilbourne Brian Underwood

Natalie Kilbourne - "Mentorship is seeing more in someone than they may be able to see in themselves and shining a spotlight on those areas so they can acknowledge and appreciate their own skills. It's really the only reason I'm still in this business after 16 years. Anything that I consider myself skilled in I can point back to the mentors who held my hand through the process of growth. It's not something, it's everything! I've heard it said the hard way to succeed is to go alone, and the better way is to go together. Surrounding yourself with people that have success in the areas that you want to succeed in is wise."Katie Rollins - "The support and coaching provided by someone who has walked the path you're on already is priceless. I have been better equipped in challenging situations because real mentors have provided me with perspective through experience. While I am sure people can navigate business completely on their own without ANY guidance or mentorship, I know that seeking out mentorship from those who have walked the battlefield before them is crucial, no matter where you are."

Alexis Brady
Alexis Brady Brian Underwood

Alexis Brady - "Mentorship is leading by example. Inspiring others to take action not just by what you say, but by what you do. Mentorship is helping others expand their vision. Having a mentor to help stay focused or remind you of your magic can be instrumental in pushing you forward."

Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez Brian Underwood

Nick Martinez - "In my business I've had so many mentors and each has left a different imprint. The guiding, directing, and example that has been set has allowed me to step into a space as a leader who brings people up and allows/inspires them to lead themselves. Mentorship allows you to speed up the process, avoid pitfalls, and truly create a better experience for yourself and those around you!"

Steve Mielke
Steve Mielke Brian Underwood

Steve Mielke - "Mentorship is all about identifying the greatness in others and guiding them to step into their full potential. Everyone should have a mentor and be a mentor!"

Stephanie Mielke
Stephanie Mielke Brian Underwood

Stephanie Mielke - "If it wasn't for mentorship and guidance, we wouldn't be where we are today! The valuable wisdom and insight has helped us grow exponentially! Lead by example! When I learn something, I write it down, put it into action and do my very best to reteach it. Without mentorship, I truly don't believe you will reach the success you want!"

Chrissy Petty
Chrissy Petty Brian Underwood

Chrissy Petty - "It creates a stronger bond of partnership and deep connection. It's important to really listen to someone's goals, desires, and struggles before trying to share a lesson. Mentorship really helps increase confidence and problem-solving. It's a big part of the success puzzle."

Dustin Schaffer
Dustin Schaffer Brian Underwood

Dustin Schaffer - "Without mentorship, I wouldn't have been successful in Prüvit. I speak my truth and share my story with people every chance I can. I love that Prüvit focuses on people being themselves within our community. We have a built-in mentorship program."

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