In a tragic incident, a bride was drugged and held captive by her own family after she called off her engagement to her cousin and married another man, an English court heard Tuesday.

Naila Afsar, 23, from Bradford was threatened with death and drugged by a relative after they found out about her alleged marriage with Afsar Saddiq.

"Her family was upset with her and that was, perhaps, putting it mildly," Jonathan Dickinson, prosecutor, told Burnley Crown Court, reported the Independent.

Dickinson said Afsar's family was keen to get her married to her cousin, who resides in Denmark. But Afsar wanted to return to her husband in Newcastle after her short stay at her sister's place in Accrington.

The trial alleges that Afsar's sister gave her a milky drink which contained a drug and a sedative. Police were alarmed when they saw Afsar's condition in the back of her father's car at a petrol pump.

"Urine samples were taken from her, analysed and the drug lorazepam was found," Dickinson said.

However, Afsar's father Mohammed Khan, mother Shamim Akhtar, brother Shamrez Khan, sister Saima Mahmood and brother-in-law Zahid Mahmood are denying all accusations.