Derrin Crawford's first date went horribly wrong when police raided her date's flat and arrested both of them for drug possession. Even though Crawford was not aware of the presence of the narcotics, she was arrested in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Her family is trying to find a way to gain her freedom.

The 23-year-old woman from Liverpool had reportedly met a man on a night out. She agreed to go on a date with him. The man told her that he was a marketing executive from London. After their first date, she accompanied him back to his flat. Police raided the flat while Crawford was still there. During the raid, the police reportedly found two marijuana joints, which are illegal in UAE.

The Emirates employee was first taken to the police station where she remained from June 21 to June 25. She was then transferred to Al Barsha jail. Her family had no idea about her arrest until her transfer to prison. The police reportedly seized Derrin's phone after the arrest. They did not allow her to get in touch with her family or seek any legal aid.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Derrin's sister, Danielle said that the air hostess was in a hysterical state when she was finally able to make a call. Danielle believes that her sister is innocent and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The worried sister revealed that the police had conducted blood tests on Derrin for drugs, and they turned out to be negative.

Even though Derrin's negative reports came back on Thursday, July 2, she was not released from prison. The police continued to grill her for information on the man she was on the date with.

According to Danielle, her sister neither drinks nor smokes. The woman who lost her mother at the age of 11 had been living in the UAE since 2018 after securing a job with Emirates. Danielle is worried about the safety of her sister and is trying to seek legal aid.

Though the British Embassy in Dubai claims to be looking into the case, there is no report of any representative meeting her in prison yet. A Foreign Office spokesperson assured that they will be supporting and visiting Derrin once the lockdown restrictions are relaxed. They also said that the Emirati authorities provided Derrin's family with details of legal representatives in Dubai.

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British airhostess jailed after police found drugs at her date's flat. (representational image) Reuters