Julian Sharpe
Julian Sharpe confident tsunami survival capsule can stand the impact of hitting the water at the bottom of the Niagara Falls

A British inventor who has designed a "tsunami survival" capsule is preparing to test his invention by plunging over the Niagara Falls in it.

Aerospace engineer Julian Sharpe believes his aluminium pod is capable of protecting people from natural disasters including tidal waves, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

The 50-year-old insisted he was not scared about falling over the world-famous 167ft falls because he was confident his capsule would be able to handle the impact.

"We can tell people how strong it is but until we have proved that it has saved a life they might not believe what we say," he said.

Sharpe, who was born in Carmarthern, Wales, and now lives in Seattle, said the impact would be similar to being hit by a car at 20mph.

A prototype of the capsule, which holds up to six people, has already been shown at the Yokohama Expo in Kanagawa, Japan.

"After the tsunami in Japan, we decided we had to develop it and get it out there for the masses," he explained.

"There are 135 countries worldwide exposed to the tsunami wave.

"If you can save one life, it would be worth producing it."

Sharpe is hoping to sell different models of the capsule for between £650 and £3,250.