A new biopic is being made about Princess Diana, and it's no wonder that it won't go down well with the British royal family.

Robert Jobson, a royal expert who knew the late Princess "well," has said that there is no doubt "The Firm" won't approve of the movie. It will reportedly show three days of her life where she decides to end her marriage to Prince Charles, but also noted that the family knows it is the "truth."

"I knew her as a person, it's inevitable that the royals won't like the biopic at all," Jobson told Us Weekly.

The royal biographer, who has written multiple books about the Princess of Wales, further said: "They won't like it, but they would have expected it. It is the truth, I think the most important thing is how well the actress can interpret the role. We'll have to wait and see on that."

Kristen Stewart will portray Lady Di in the Pablo Larrain directorial, which also stars Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins, and Sean Harris. The movie recently released Stewart's first image as the royal and the resemblance is astounding.

Jobson agreed that the "Twilight" alum looked "remarkably like Diana," but added, I think what's more important is the authenticity of the portrayal, and we'll have to see how that develops because my understanding is it's going to be a good script and it's going to be a good premise, but it might not necessarily have actually happened in the way they're saying."

The movie written by Steven Knight explores a weekend in Diana's life in 1991, when she spent the Christmas holiday with the rest of the British royal family at her mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II's Sandringham estate in Norfolk. The biopic follows the moments in which the Princess realised she "needed to veer from a path that put her in line to one day be queen" and decided to separate from the Prince of Wales.

However, it has led to an accuracy row, as royal experts believe that the said weekend never happened. Jobson also confirmed that the royal's last known visit to Sandringham estate was in 1990, a year before the period in which the drama is set. He also says that Diana had made the decision about her marriage "years before" 1991.

Meanwhile, royal expert Ingrid Seward said that Diana "never wanted a divorce." He said about the film: "It's probably going to just play up what life was like at Sandringham, which would be quite interesting for a lot of people to see. It has a good setting."

Princess Diana
1 February 1983: A portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales at her home in Kensington Palace, London Tim Graham/Getty Images