Game Of Thrones season 6
Game of Thrones season 6 official poster HBO

A British technology company has decided to give employees half a day off so they can watch the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. +rehabstudio in London and Belfast told elated staff that they will be able to watch the first episode of the sixth series, which is set to air on 25 April in the UK.

The firm said they made the decision to create the "best environment" possible at its offices. Unfortunately for employees on the other side of the Atlantic the smash hit HBO show airs at 9pm EST so they will not receive Monday morning off.

In a surprising response +rehabstudio say that job applications to the company have risen by 20% since the decision was made earlier this week. Proud of its move, the company added the "half day off rule" to company policy.

It said on Facebook: "All +rehabstudio UK staff (London and Belfast offices) will receive an additional half day (morning) holiday following the first episode of each new season of Game of Thrones. US staff are reminded not to share spoilers on the intranet until after the show has aired in the UK.

"We've given our whole team the morning off after every #GameofThrones simulaunch.... because, well, it's only fair really. Making it better."

The company's founding partner Tim Rodgers said to the New York Post: "We're always trying to look after our guys and make sure we're giving them the best work environment and social life as well. They are massive fans."

Rodgers said that his 68 employees at the Belfast office love the show as it is filmed in Ireland. But jealous American colleagues say they are planning their own parties to watch the first episode with co-workers.

"We have a great, friendly culture in the office," Rodgers added. "Looking after what you have and bringing great people in is super important to us. We have a work hard, play hard atmosphere."