A group of British tourists got into a nasty bar brawl which evolved into a knife fight near Marbella. The group had been celebrating the opening of bars in the Spanish tourist town. One of the tourists ended up critically wounded while the pub was also damaged. Police broke up the fight and six people were arrested after the incident. The owner of the bar has filed a complaint about the damages caused.

On Monday, further COVID-19 lockdown relaxations in Spain allowed bars and pubs to open their doors to patrons. A bar owned by a British man in Torrenueva, a small residential area of Mijas Costa, started serving drinks on the terrace.

At around 11 pm local time, the group of British tourists started the brawl. When the police arrived to break up the fight, they found one of the tourists seriously injured. The man reportedly had his abdomen slashed so horribly that his guts were hanging out of his body. The man was rushed to a hospital where his condition remains critical.

The Sun reported that six men were arrested from the pub known as Steve's Bar. Since the incident, the owner filed an official complaint against the arrested men for the destruction of property. Even though only six men were arrested, the brawl allegedly involved ten people. The aftermath saw chairs, glasses, bottles and decorations destroyed. Pictures of the pub after the incident also showed drops of blood on the floor.

Since the arrest, one of the six men has been transferred to Madrid. The man will be facing an extradition hearing as he is wanted in the United Kingdom for drug-related offences. It is also believed that the brawl took place as the men were under the influence of both alcohol and drugs. The men were reportedly acquainted with each other. The exact reason behind the fight remains unknown.

Phase four of the lockdown in Costa del Sol will require the police to actively monitor the situation. The fight proved the necessity of police involvement in the area.

British tourists arrested hours after pubs reopened in Costa del Sol. Getty