Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars in is new 24K Magic video Youtube/Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars fans have been waiting expectantly for the singer's latest album 24K Magic, which is set to release on 18 November via Atlantic Records. In anticipation of that, the Grammy award-winning artist dropped the video for the title track on 6 October and with its catchy beat, it's bound to be this weekend's favourite dance number.

"Excited to announce 24k Magic, out this Friday!!" Mars teased in an Instagram post on Monday. "You can call it my first single, but I call it the invitation to the party."

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Keeping to his successful disco funk style, the new heavily auto-tuned track celebrates luxury, extravagance and all things 'bling'. The video adopts the typical opulent party lifestyle theme with Mars and his entourage in Las Vegas, travelling on fancy jets, dancing with bikini-clad women and throwing a lot of money around. In one scene, the singer is spotted riding a jet ski in the Bellagio fountain.

"I'm a dangerous man with some money in my pocket," he sings, wearing a brightly coloured silk shirt and black shorts in the video directed by Mars and Cameron Duddy. The lyrics were written and produced by Shampoo Press & Curl, with additional production by The Stereotypes.

Overall, the song has a feel-good factor and the promise of becoming this weekend's freshest dance number. Much is expected from the rest of the album as well.

"I'm not going to give specifics of what it sounds like, but what we're doing is so f**king different, awesome and next level and sounds like nothing else that's happened before. Every time I get in the studio with somebody else and collaborate, that's when I always have revelations and learn about stuff," producer Skrillex told Billboard earlier this year. "And I just love stepping outside of what I know and there's no other music position that can do that."

24k Magic as an album is Mars's third studio LP after 2012's Unorthodox Jukebox, which featured tracks like When I Was Your Man and Treasure. In 2014, he collaborated with Mark Ronson for Uptown Funk and debuted Rest of My Life, a ballad on the season finale of Jane The Virgin.

Watch the 24K Magic video below: