A solidarity march in Brussels to condemn the recent terror attacks has been cancelled due to security concerns. The Belgian government has admitted they cannot provide adequate security coverage to the marchers.

The rally led by March Against Fear movement was scheduled to take place in Place de La Bourse on 27 March, in a show of strength against the bombings in the Belgian capital which killed 31 people and left 300 injured.

The organisers of the event cancelled the march after a public appeal from the government. During a joint press conference with Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur, Belgium's Interior Minister Jan Jambon said: "We are still all over the country in threat level three and there are enquiries, important enquiries, going on.

"For these enquiries we need a lot of police capacity all over the country and it's our main priority to let the police in the best circumstances possible do these enquiries - that's the reason why we invite the citizens tomorrow not to demonstrate."

Several suspects have been arrested in Belgium and Germany as European nations are heightening security measures. The mayor requested the organisers to hold the march at a later date.

Shortly after the government's request, the campaigners said in a statement: "The security of our citizens is an absolute priority. Consequently, we completely join the authorities in their proposal to postpone to a later date. We thus ask citizens not to come this Sunday to Brussels."

Meanwhile, Belgian authorities have charged three men for their involvement in extremist groups and at least one of them is thought to have had links with the recent attacks.