Ralph Jump from South Wales started rearing and keeping water buffaloes for his family-run side business. One of the animals on the farm attacked Ralph and his children. Ralph was crushed to death before police arrived. His children survived the ordeal but his daughter Isabel sustained minor injuries. Ralph's teenage son is fighting for his life in a hospital.

Ralph and his two youngest children took care of the buffaloes on the family-run farm. Yesterday, the trio was attacked by one of the animals they had on the farm. All three of them were injured during the attack. By the time the police arrived, the 57-year-old father of three had succumbed to his injuries. Isabel suffered non-critical leg injuries. Ralph's 19-year-old son had to be airlifted to the hospital where he remains critical.

The police confirmed that emergency services responded to a call to the farm at around 2:30 pm. They confirmed that the younger man had been taken by Welsh Air Ambulance to University Hospital of Wales and the older man was pronounced dead by paramedics on the scene. Isabel was treated for her injuries at Royal Gwent Hospital.

After the attack, the animal was put down by the police.

Ralph the managing director of heating company Wunda Group based at nearby Caldicot, Gwent, rented the three-acre farmland in Gwehelog, Monmouthshire. After moving to the farm called Upper Berthllwyd six years ago, the family slowly started rearing water buffaloes. The family reared the animals for their milk, which they use to make soap. The three attack victims ran The Bufalina Soap Company. Ralph had bought a dozen buffaloes before he started rearing calves at the farm.

The Bufalina Soap Company sells soap made using buffalo milk sourced directly from the farm. The milk, mixed with various fragrances and ingredients, produced soap which sold for £4 to £42, the Daily Mail reported.

Water buffalo
Water buffalo crushed owner to death and injured his two children. (representational image) Getty