Caitlyn Jenner posted a video of herself using a women's bathroom at Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's New York hotel. Published on her Facebook page on 26 April, Jenner's video shows her walking along the street, entering the Trump International Hotel and Tower and making her way to the restrooms.

The video was spurred on by Trump who, during an appearance on The Today Show, said in an interview that he would not care if Jenner used the women's room at his properties. His comment came following the recent furore surrounding so-called "bathroom bills," like the one passed in North Carolina, which prohibits transgender people from using bathrooms that correlate with their gender identity.

Trump's rival, Ted Cruz, has come out in support of the bill – something that Jenner references in her video. Upon exiting the women's restroom, Jenner says, "By the way Ted, no one got molested."