A game for a granny? It is for 78-year-old Doreen Fox
A game for a granny? It is for 78-year-old Doreen Fox

A granny who could be Britain's oldest gamer explained why she queued in chilly temparatures for a copy of the new blockbuster Call of Duty game: "I just love the violence."

Her admission is not the sort of thing you expect to hear from most 78-grandmothers, but then Doreen Fox from Birmingham is not most grannies.

"I always look forward to playing the new games, I just love the violence," Mrs Fox said, after waiting three hours to get hold of a copy.

"God knows what the neighbours think when they can hear bombs and gun noises coming from my little flat."

Fox started playing computer games in the early days of the technology, back in the 1980s.

She insisted concerns about the violent content of games such as the new Call of Duty: Ghosts, are misplaced. CoD features non-stop action with an array of military weaponry at the player's disposal.

"I don't understand the controversy behind all these games, they are not half fun," she said.

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All the frenetic action in CoD Ghosts, including collapsing churches, emergencies in outer space and waves of enemies to be blown away, could get a bit stressful for some. But not Mrs Fox.

She said: "I suffered two strokes in 2008 and this keeps me on my toes."

Her next mission will now be to try and beat her grandson at the game. She admitted: "I can't beat him though; he's just too fast for me these days. I always shoot the wrong man or point the gun at a tree instead - but I don't mind, I enjoy it anyway."