TT Games and Warner Bros Interactive are reportedly working on a new game called Lego Worlds, which looks like a potential rival to Minecraft - Mojang's wildly popular block-based building and exploration game.

Alleged promotional material (above) for the game appeared on Lego fan-forum Eurobricks, depicting a Lego world with characters gathering bricks and riding a horse below the caption "Explore. Discover. Create."

The image also includes the logo for development studio TT Games, who have made their name developing Lego video games over the past decade, including Lego Jurassic World, which is out next month.

While there's no overt reference to it being a Minecraft-style game, the caption and image certainly suggest as much. Even the cactus in the image looks vaguely like one of Minecraft's Creepers, and should this be real that's probably no accident.

Given Minecraft was always described as using blocks reminiscent of Lego in its earliest days, it makes sense that the Danish toy company would seek to capitalise on the enormous success that game went on to have. Success underlined by the purchase of the IP and Mojang by Microsoft in a deal worth $2.5 billion (£1.5m) in 2014.

Should Lego Worlds be real, an announcement at E3 in June would be likely. A Warner Bros Interactive spokesperson offered no comment to IBTimes UK after a statement was requested.