Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is said to be making great efforts with her work for the royal family, and looks to be in the lead-up to the day when she becomes Queen consort.

People have noticed the subtle changes she has made in the way she carries herself and with her work. These include royal expert Russell Myers and ITV talk show host Lorraine Kelly. She pointed out that the 74-year old "has been making changes to her lifestyle" during Monday's episode of "Lorraine." Myers, who was a guest on the show, agreed and said the duchess has changed her look.

"I don't think this is by accident. I've just returned from Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall's tour in Jordan and Egypt and there was a lot of people commenting on Camilla's new look," he told Kelly, adding that the duchess looked amazing in the photos taken during their royal tour.

"Apparently she's got a new hairdresser, I mean look at these images, she looks absolutely resplendent for 74 and lots of people talking about her new image," Myers explained and complimented Camilla for her "fantastic" look. He even noticed that she was up to date with the latest tech trend as he noticed her "wearing a Fitbit at the weekend during a meeting at Ascot Racecourse."

The royal commentator believes that the Duchess of Cornwall is putting in a lot of effort not only in her appearance, but also in her work as a senior member of the British royal family.

"I think this is part of the rest of the royals stepping up, she knows she's got a busy year next year with the Queen's Jubilee coming up, and maybe she's putting her health and her best foot forward," Myers explained.

"So she looked fantastic. The tour was fantastic. And I think a lot of people are saying that Camilla is the one to watch," he added.

Myers' comments come following speculations that Queen Elizabeth II could choose the Duchess of Cornwall as part of the Counsellors of State. In the instance that the 95-year-old British monarch falls gravely ill, then the counsellors will take over her duties. It is believed that Camilla will fill in for either Prince Harry or Prince Andrew, who are no longer counsellors.

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