Justin Trudeau gestures
Justin Trudeau gestures while weighing in for a charity boxing match in 2012 Reuters

Newly elected Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to meet the Queen in the UK in a visit that has many recalling a famous meeting between the monarch and Trudeau's father 38 years ago, during which the latter performed a bizarre pirouette.

Justin's father Pierre, Canada's 15<sup>th prime minister and a well-known eccentric, made the balletic gesture behind the back of the Queen at the G7 meeting in 1977 to protest palace etiquette. The elder Trudeau, one of Canada's great liberal heroes, performed the dance move to show he was unhappy at the distinction made by Buckingham Palace between heads of government and heads of state. The Queen is the Canadian head of state.

There is no indication that Justin will look to follow in his father's footsteps. But the younger Trudeau is known for his own eccentric outbursts (one of his favourite practical jokes involves throwing himself down sets of stairs) and he has made a name for himself reclaiming Canada's liberal heritage.

In a statement the Canadian prime minister has said he is looking forward to meeting the Queen on 25 November, adding he was sure the British monarch would continue be an integral part of Canada's future.

"I am absolutely delighted that Her Majesty has graciously agreed to this meeting. As the Queen's 12th Canadian prime minister, I am honoured and very much look forward to spending this time in conversation with her," he said.

"In her role as Queen of Canada, she has not only witnessed but also been an active participant in the evolution of our country over the past 63 years. Her Majesty will remain an integral part of our country's progress and future."

Trudeau will arrive in London, en route to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, in Valetta, Malta, from 27 to 29 November. He will then attend the Leaders Event in Paris at the 21<sup>st session of the Conference of the Parties, under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Buckingham Palace confirmed to IBTimes UK that preparations were under way for Trudeau's arrival but said the itinerary was yet to be finalised.