New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has described himself as a proud feminist and named GamerGate as an example of an issue that society needs "to stand clearly" against. He made the comments prior to winning the national election as leader of the Liberal Party on Monday 19 October.

Speaking in a recent TV interview (via The Star) Trudeau said: "Yes, Yes. I am a feminist. Proud to be a feminist. My mom raised me to be a feminist. My father raised me, he was a different generation, but he raised me to respect and defend everyone's rights, and I deeply grounded my own identity in that, and I am proud to say that I am a feminist. The things we see online, whether it is issues like Gamergate, or video games misogyny in popular culture, it is something that we need to stand clearly against."

Speaking of the inherent misogyny in society, Trudeau also said certain music, pornography, and absent fathers were in part to blame. "I think there's probably an awful lot of factors that come together to shape societal behaviours, certain types of music — you know, there's an awful lot of misogyny in certain types of music, there's issues around pornography and its prevalence now and its accessibility.

"There's also the shifting parental roles as well. There's a lot of communities in which fathers are less present than they have been or they might be in the past. There's more need to have engaged, positive role models."

His comments got him in hot water, with many believing he was referencing a well-worn stereotype of black communities.

GamerGate was an infamous online movement which caused controversy last year for being the banner under which sexist abuse and threats of violence were made against outspoken women in the video game community. While they are few in number today, the stench of GamerGate has been tough for the industry to rid itself of.

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