An inquest at Archbishop's Palace in Maidstone heard the cause of death of Kent man Daniel Fullagar. In November last year, Daniel's family and partner failed to get in touch with him for days while he stayed at a rented villa in Spain. Eventually, Daniel's father Nick Fullagar and girlfriend Bethany Hicks with the help of Spanish police, found him dead in his lodgings. Daniel died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning from a leaking generator. His family denied claims that Daniel was using the generator to grow cannabis.

The 34-year-old man from Ashford, Kent had been living in Spain for five months. Having rented a remote villa in Xàtiva, Valencia the builder had started growing weed on the property. While staying in Spain, he was not working as a builder. Daniel had planned to stay in Spain till Christmas last year.

On November 21, Daniel spoke to his girlfriend before eventually becoming unresponsive. Since their last call, Hicks was unable to get a hold of Daniel over the phone. Daniel failed to answer calls and messages, making his family and partner worry about him.

Hicks and Nick flew to Spain with the help of the British Embassy. They managed to enter the villa Daniel was staying at with the help of the local police. Daniel was found dead on 28 November. Police found 80 cannabis plants on the property.

Assistant coroner for central and south-east Kent, Scott Matthewson, revealed in the hearing that David suffered cardiac arrest due to the accidental carbon monoxide poisoning from the leaking generator. Due to the fact that cannabis plants were found on the property, Matthewson concluded that the generator was used for the purpose of growing the crops.

However, Daniel's family claimed that the generator was used to provide electricity to the villa at night. They denied the coroner's claim that it was used to grow the plants.

Pathologist's report suggested that David died on November 26. Matthewson refuted the findings and put the date of David's death as November 21, Kent Online reported.

Daniel's body was brought back to the United Kingdom on December 5 after a GoFundMe campaign helped the family raise £6,000.

Cannabis growing Brit builder found poisoned to death in Spain. Staffordshire Police