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Turns out there wasn't enough room to squeeze Nick Fury into Captain America: Civil War and here's why... Marvel Studios

While Captain America: Civil War can claim the title of being "Marvel Studios' most ambitious instalment to date" with both the amount of storyline it had to cover and just how many heroes it had to squeeze in. But even though it managed to fit most characters in, there were still some consciously left out, such as Hope van Dyne aka The Wasp and the more recently revealed Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury, too.

So why did the studio opt out of having him pop up in the movie? Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were posed that question in a recent interview with The LA Times and it turns out, their reasons were pretty understandable...

"Primarily it felt like one too many possible opinions," Markus explained to the publication. "We didn't want him to take one side or the other, because that's not his place in the universe. And then we didn't want another, 'Is he still with the government? Is he opposed to the government but supporting the government?' It got to be the potential for a lot more polemic discussion that the movie did not have room for."

Their views certainly make sense. Officially declared "dead" in previous Captain America sequel The Winter Soldier, the former director of SHIELD is now living in hiding and no longer works for the government, which might have proved a little too complicated to really explore in a film that is based so heavily in government control. His allegiances may not have been clear and considering how many other characters the writers were juggling with, we don't blame them for not wanting to address Fury's standing here.

Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus
Stephen McFeely (L) and Christopher Markus opened up about why they opted out of a Samuel L Jackson cameo Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

"He's the guy who put it together," Markus continued. He's been the sort of parent figure to the Avengers. Let the parent go away, and see if the kids can handle this. See if the kids can be who they're supposed to be without that governing voice. Um... and they didn't do that good of a job.

With such a connection to the Avengers, The LA Times also asked whether fans can expect to see Fury feature in upcoming two-parter Infinity War, which the twosome are currently writing the script drafts for. "I would think [so]," McFeely answered positively. "It's probably all hands on deck," Markus added before McFeely concluded: "Don't you assume you'll see everybody in the Infinity Wars?"

Captain America: Civil War is out in UK and US cinemas now. Infinity Wars Part I and II are slated to reach big screens in April 2018 and 2019 respectively, however, their titles will be changed before then.

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