Prince Harry
Prince Harry

A party girl who lifted the lid on Prince Harry's 'lost week' in Las Vegas claims she was targeted with criminal charges for speaking out.

Carrie Reichert, 40, claimed she was among a bevy "really pretty girls" picked to party in a hotel room with the third in line to the throne of England.

"I'm not going to pass an opportunity to party with Prince Harry. Harry was already undressed [when I arrived]. It was just crazy, he looked actually delirious," explained Reichert after giving her account of the drunken romp in August.

"There was a pool table and he was playing air guitar with pool sticks. We kissed for 15 to 20 minutes. I am sure someone stumbled in as there were people going in and out of rooms all the time. We kissed again and he said 'that was great," she told The People newspaper.

The pair enjoyed "a drunken fumble" alone, but insisted the tryst was "fun" and "not romantic." Reichert. But soon afterward, the fun ended abruptly. Just hours after revealing all in an August interview, Reichert was seized by police.

Officers at San Diego airport arrested her for allegedly writing £13,000 of cheques which then bounced. The offences date back to 2003. She was held on remand in one of the United States toughest jails. Reichert blames the British Secret Service for her spell behind bars.

"I believe the British secret service or whoever protects the royals have something to do with my situation."

Her lawyer Donald Rafferty said: "She became very high-profile very quickly because of an interview she gave that had an impact.

"I am not convinced that Mississippi authorities were the ones necessarily stirring [things], but something was. She is disappointed and very upset over the way this is going down. She has several legitimate defences."

Prince Harry's spent days in the desert party capital of Las Vegas following his tour of duty with the Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

Royal family aides branded her story "completely untrue" and said Reichert was not among the women present at the wild party.