Castle Season 6 Finale: Will Castle and Beckett Call off the Wedding?
A still from Castle Season 6 Finale Facebook

Fans of Castle Season 7 have a reason to rejoice as their favourite character Richard Castle will be back.

Season 6 of ABC's popular crime drama, ended on a tragic note when Castle's car was engulfed in fire and smoke, ahead of his wedding with Kate Beckett.

Season 7 will reportedly begin where the Season 6 finale ended and the story will focus on the much awaited wedding of Castle and Beckett.

The series will open with a two-episode premiere featuring Castle, and a 'new guest cast' Henry will be introduced to investigate the car crash.

"Castle will return with a two-parter, and to that end is casting the guest-starring role of "Henry," a highly intelligent yet unassuming gent who's deft at blending into a crowd," TV Line reported.

Fans were disappointed when their favourite couple Castle-Beckett was separated again in the Season 6 finale in a death-like situation.

But the show producers have a different opinion about the finale and teased that the upcoming season will be 'well-deserved' and start off with a bang.

"Hopefully, in the long term, [the show's fans'] trust in us will be well-deserved. But in the short term we're going to take our lumps," Andrew Marlowe told TV Line.

Does that mean the wedding is still on the cards and the premiere episode will feature a Castle-Beckett wedding?

Meanwhile, Castle writer Terri Edda Miller has teased a 'mind boggling' start for Season 7 after the first concept meeting.

The two-episode premiere will be written by David Amman and Rob Bowman will direct it.

Castle Season 7 will premiere in September on ABC.