Sydney train
Commuters wait as a train arrives at the Circular Quay railway station in Sydney Getty Images

A man at a train station in Sydney has escaped serious injury after falling onto the tracks as the train began to move.

Footage released by Sydney Trains shows the man running onto the platform in a bid to jump on a standing train at Windsor station, in the city's north-western suburbs, before the doors close on him.

The impact sends the man falling onto the tracks, trapping him between the convoy and the platform edge.

However, other travellers manage to drag him onto the platform as the train comes to a stop and the man appears to be walking away unscathed.

The footage is part of a series of CCTV videos released by Sydney Trains showing passengers putting themselves at risk at various train stations during peak hours.

Another clip shows a man trying to board a train at Sydney's Central Station while pushing a pram onto the convoy. As the doors shut, the man sticks his hand between them in a bid to force them open, while waving down the outside of the carriage in a bid to get the attention of station staff.

However, as the train begins to gather speed, he is dragged along the platform, while the pram is knocked over into the gap between platform and train. Luckily, the man manages to prise himself free and pick up the pram in time.

"Our doors are not like elevator doors, you can't just push them open again," Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins told Nine News.

"You may hit that door, fall on the tracks and as a result you could seriously injure yourself or other people."