BMW Thieves
BMW Thieves Image Credit: YouTube/ westmidlandspolice

A video released by West Midlands Police shows two men stealing a BMW 118D in 15 seconds.

The two men in the video are seen smashing the windows to enter in the car parked at a hotel parking in Ladywood in Birmingham.

Police reports suggest that the BMW seen in the video was just one of the 13 cars the duo stole in 20 days from across Birmingham between January and February last year.

The two men, Ravinder Soni, 22, and Ajay Soni, 20, both of Harborne, Birmingham, are brothers. The men with Indian origin have been sentenced to four years in prison for stealing BMWs worth almost £250,000 altogether, Mail Online reported.

Police was led to the garage in Brierley Hill's Old Bush Industrial Estate, where the car was recovered, with the help of a hidden device fitted in the BMW that helped track the car. Forensic evidence suggested the brothers stole the car.

Investigating officer DC Matt Dyer, said: "This was an organised, sophisticated operation with high performance cars being stolen in less than 60 seconds. Their method of entry was somewhat rudimentary but once inside they clearly demonstrated technical skill to start the engine very quickly.

"Our investigation led us to recover all but one of the cars they stole. Car theft is a very risky business given that so many are now fitted with tracker devices and that our road network is covered extensively by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which allow us to monitor vehicle movement."

Further investigation by police also led them to a Halfords store where they found CCTV footage showing Ajay Soni paying for gloves and tools recovered from the unit.

Watch the video here: