Cedric the Entertainer poked fun at the British royals, especially Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their son Archie when he hosted Monday's Emmy Awards.

The comedian put the spotlight on the nominated series "The Crown" in his opening monologue and roasted the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex's Oprah interview. He said in a video from the ceremony that has gone viral on Twitter, "As great as 'The Crown' is, it pales in comparison to the real monarchy. That Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, whoo!"

He called the explosive interview "the real tea" before he then included 2-year-old Archie in his joke. "Meghan must have put it on that boy because he renounced his throne quicker than Eddie Murphy in 'Coming to America,'" he added.

Cedric the Entertainer expressed his disbelief that the royals would question Archie's skin colour as what Meghan Markle alleged during the interview. He even said that the royals need the toddler in the family because he can teach grandpa Prince Charles how to dance.

"I can't believe they were talking about little Archie. How dark that little baby gonna be," he continued adding, "They need little Archie! Charles can't dance! Who else gonna teach em how to TikTok?!" he explained, and to further the joke, he demonstrated how the young royal can also teach Queen Elizabeth II to groove.

He then busted some moves on stage which had a few people in the audience laughing. But Josh O'Connor, who played Prince Charles on Season 4 of "The Crown," and some of his co-stars were caught on video looking sheepish.

Cedric The Entertainer made fun of the Royal Family during his #Emmys speech

"I can’t believe they were talking about little Archie. How dark that little baby gonna be. They need little Archie! Charles can’t dance, who else going to teach them how to TikTok”#OprahMeghanHarry pic.twitter.com/YWtvd4Cshr

— ᴍʏ ғᴀɪᴛʜ ɪs ɢʀᴇᴀᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜᴀɴ ᴍʏ ғᴇᴀʀ — ᴍᴇɢʜᴀɴ ᴍᴀʀᴋʟᴇ (@magalidmathias1) September 20, 2021

Meanwhile, the reactions online were varied. One user thought the 57-year-old was funny with his jokes on the royals and wrote, "Cedric the Entertainer making fun of the royals and stanning King Archie LOVE THAT!." Another did not "see anything funny about him at all" and called him "a man with no respect."

Dont see anything funny about him at all just a man with no respect and a big mouth and not at all entertaining

— Pauline Todd (@Pauline02998053) September 20, 2021

Aside from joking about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Archie at the Emmy Awards, Cedric the Entertainer also poked fun at Nicki Minaj's stance against the COVID-19 vaccine. He also joked about Regé‑Jean Page's character in "Bridgerton" making out with a white woman in the pre-regency era.

 Cedric the Entertainer
Comedian Cedric the Entertainer is the host of the 2021 Emmys. Photo by: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Rich Fury GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Rich Fury