Celebrity Big Brother
David McIntosh is the first housemate to leave Celebrity Big Brother. Channel 5

David McIntosh has become the first housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

Kelly Brook's fiance admitted he was upset at being the first to leave the show.

Speaking to Emma Willis he said: "I'm upset. I thought there were a few people coming out [but] it's just me!

"We actually all thought there were gonna be three people coming out, but I'm good, I'm fine. I am a competitive man, but it doesn't matter!"

When asked about his Celebrity Big Brother experience, the ex-Gladiator said: "I enjoyed every single bit... It's crazy in there."

Commenting on his nomination for eviction by Leslie Jordan, McIntosh said: "I think he could sense from me that I was missing my fiancé. And he said he didn't want to look at me, 'cos he was getting too hot under the collar!"

Meanwhile, Gary Busey continues to be the object of derision amongst the other housemates. The Hollywood star was nominated for eviction for a myriad of reasons including his lack of hygiene and respect for the other housemates,

McIntosh said: "He's too much. He's so manipulative... He's playing a game."

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.