Celebrity Big Brother 2018 contestant India Willoughby candidly opened up about her experiences as a transgender woman on Monday, 8 January, night's episode.

Speaking to her fellow female housemates Rachel Johnson and Amanda Barrie, the broadcaster admitted that sex is "definitely" better as a woman.

Recalling the moment she knew her operation was a success, she confessed, "It was Christmas Day and it was the Doctor Who special." The BBC News presenter continued, "I was watching that with my tea in my lap, just eating away, and this Dalek came onscreen and, weirdly, I just felt this fluttery sort of twinge down there."

Rachel immediately asked, "You were attracted to the Dalek?' But Willoughby, who had a full gender reassignment surgery in 2015, explained that the experience was "weird". She confessed, "Almost, it was weird. It was like a really nice feeling. At that point, I knew things were getting better."

She went on to elaborate on her sexual experiences as a woman. "Obviously, it's good to explore a little bit but it's much better. The fun side, if you get my meaning," Willoughby revealed.

Rachel then asked, "So do you think sex as a woman could be better than sex for a man?" to which she replied, "Definitely. When I was a guy, when the moment came, it was just like bang, just a moment of satisfaction.

"Whereas now, it was strange for me because you hit that moment but then you get, like, a little bit extra," Willoughby added.

The 51-year-old journalist then joked about surgeons giving gender reassignment patients "a map" so they "know what's what". She said, "When they give people surgery, they should give them a map so you know what's what."

The trans woman earlier stirred up a lot of drama on the show by going topless in the bathroom and casually rubbing moisturiser on her arms and chest. She later revealed that she doesn't see her breasts as a "sexual thing".

Willoughby's actions distracted her housemates, with both Ashley and Rachel admiring her assets. Rachel said, "They're fantastic. Can I have a look?" while Ashley complimented her, saying, "You're very body confident, aren't you?"

Willoughby explained, "They're boobs to me and not a sexual thing, I just felt like they were missing in my old life."

Inspecting her breasts, Rachel commented, "They don't seem to have a scar at all! Whoever did them was 'the' man!"