Butt-Chique sells a range of products, varying from pasties, body tape, underwear and cropped tops.  screenshot via Butt-Chique.com

Kamakshi Agarwala ditched her plans to pursue a master's degree in finance for a vision: To empower women through fashion and fitness, and launch an inclusive lingerie line. With this dream, Butt-Chique boutique was born.

Agarwala founded Butt-Chique in 2020 after she recognised a gap in the activewear market - a lack of options that were both stylish and functional for women of diverse body types. The lingerie brand, which has attracted more than 90,000 followers on social media today, was born out of Agarwala's passion for fitness and fashion.

"I wanted to break all the norms, I wanted equal representation, I wanted quality lingerie and I wanted ethical practices. Well, I wasn't able to find this so I just built it," Agarwala wrote on the Butt-Chique website.

Lingerie For All Types Of Women

After launching her company, the young entrepreneur spoke about how she envisioned a brand that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes, making them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Agarwala also uses Butt-Chique to challenge the stereotype of the idealised female body type in the lingerie industry, by featuring models of different ethnicities, sizes, and ages on their website to send a powerful message of inclusivity and self-love.

The businesswoman admitted that her Indian heritage has inspired her to design each product to suit various body types - with a typical Indian woman in mind. As the brand's website reads: "No matter who you are or what colour your butt is, Butt-Chique is for every single body."

Fighting Body Dysmorphia

Butt-Chique's offers are very timely as body dysmorphia continues to plague the minds of women of all ages. In fact, according to figures published by the National Institutes of Health, a total of 78.8 per cent of secondary school students report feeling dissatisfaction with some aspect of their appearance. Out of the students who were less confident in their body, 57.1 per cent were female.

The consequences of body dysmorphia can be severe. Those who struggle with the condition may experience low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, according to the NHS.

While body dysmorphia also impacts men, women are more likely to avoid social gatherings, situations or activities that draw attention to their appearance. This lack of socialisation could lead to isolation and loneliness. In extreme cases, the NHS report that body dysmorphia can also contribute to eating disorders, substance abuse and self-harm.

Environmental Impact

Aside from their body positivity advocacy, Butt-Chique also recognise the environmental impact of the fashion industry, committing the company to sustainability.

According to Agarwala, the brand makes conscious efforts to source eco-friendly materials and adopt sustainable practices wherever possible. This eco-conscious approach not only aligns with her personal values, but it also resonates with the increasingly environmentally conscious consumer population.

The founder is also firm believer in giving back to society and uses Butt-Chique to get involved and collaborate with a range of charitable efforts aimed at empowering women and promoting female fitness and wellness.


According to the entrepreneur, Butt-Chique, which is also home to a dynamic blog dedicated to female empowerment, inclusivity and sexual education, has already sold its products to more than 100,000 women.

The brand's seamless designs, which vary from pasties, body tape, underwear and cropped tops, have been carefully curated to ensure that women can look and feel their best, whether they're lounging at home or getting dressed up for a celebratory occasion.

The neutral garments have reached famous figures, including Kusha Kapila, an Indian fashion editor and content creator who was seen on the cover of Cosmopolitan. There's also Komal Pandey, one of the most popular social media influencers in India, and Aashna Bhagwani, an Indian fashion and beauty blogger who recently won the 2023 Cosmopolitan Popular Choice Body-Love Influencer of The Year Award.

Butt-Chiques latest launch is its "Starter Kit," which provides customers one body tape strip and a pair of pasties. In a post on Instagram that announced the new launch, the brand called the new kit "the quintessential patch test kit that not only would give you an accurate understanding of your skin sensitivity but also be your one night's quick braless fix!"

In the post, Butt-Chique also pointed to its close relationship with its customers, noting: "Yup, we listen to you and we made it only for you."