The stunning BRAVIA HX850 Sony

Sony has announced its 2012 range of BRAVIA televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, featuring tough gorilla glass and high-speed 3D panels.

Of the four new models announced, the HX850 is without doubt the highlight, with edge-to-edge glass giving the illusion of having no bezel, offering full 1080p high definition in 2D and 3D, and it intelligently adjusts picture brightness and colour depending on what is being shown.

Sony said at CES on January 9: "The 2012 range of Sony TVs incorporates sleek and stylish designs, including the EX5/6 and the HX7, with its eye-catching easel stand.

"However, the stand-out design is certainly the stunning HX8. A sheet of gorilla glass that gives the illusion of no bezel when the TV is switched off, combined with a sleek chrome home theatre stand, creates an elegant look that would grace any room."

The flagship HX8 range includes full HD 3D, Freeview HD and Wi-Fi, while the mid-range HX753 features an 'easel stand' and the EX653 offers a cheaper package which drops 3D support but still includes Sony's new 'MotionFlow' technology.

Finally, the lower-end EX553 is considered by Sony to be a television suitable for a second TV room, like a kitchen or bedroom.

Sony's new BRAVIA range can adjust picture settings automatically, depending on the content of each frame of footage. The company explains: "Sony's picture enhancement processor - X-Reality - is now even smarter. It recognises what is being watched automatically and then by analysing each scene intelligently, adjusts the picture accordingly.

"This has the most significant impact on internet content such as YouTube. The more advanced X-Reality Pro processor enhances images by reviewing scenes against an internal database to refine aspects such as texture and clarity."

Also on the Sony stand at CES was a prototype "Crystal LED Display", which Sony claims to be "the industry's first 55-inch Full HD self-emitting display using LEDs as the light source, and will be capable of much higher contrast, wider colour range and superb video image response times."

In a press release Sony Corporation chairman, CEO and president, Sir Howard Stringer, said: "Sony creates and delivers more entertainment experiences to more people than anyone, anywhere. We will continue to create the best products in the world, the kind of things that make people say, 'I have seen the future...and it's Sony.'"