Volkswagen concept CES
VW has teased what its new concept car, to be revealed in January 2016, will look like Volkswagen

A new concept car by Volkswagen will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) technology show in Las Vegas in January. The vehicle will show off a range of new electric car and connected technologies intended to appear in future production cars.

To be displayed on 6 January, the prototype will act as a roadmap for VW to follow, away from the emissions scandal which rocked the company in 2015, and to a cleaner future where electric cars have long ranges and low prices. The car is thought to be related to the Bulli Microbus concept shown off in April, and use technology borrowed from the Golf R Touch, revealed at CES a year ago.

The car will be detailed during a presentation at CES by Volkswagen Passenger Cars chairman Dr Herbert Diess. VW describes the vehicle as "a completely new concept illustrate the major changes that the car is set to go through in the next few years."

This new electric concept comes in the wake of the emissions scandal, which saw VW admit to fitting a 'defeat device' to diesel cars sold in the US which reduced exhaust emissions only while cars were being tested by the authorities. VW has since put aside over $8bn (£5.3bn) to deal with the scandal and has cancelled non-essential projects.

VW says the concept "marks the beginning of a new era of affordable long-distance electromobility...innovative features will demonstrate the benefits to the customer that Volkswagen will be able to deliver in the near future thanks to the increasing interconnectedness of the motor car."

Additionally, VW will use CES to reveal "new display and operating concepts". The company will "give quite a clear glimpse of the latest developments in in-car infotainment that are on the verge of being launched onto the market".