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The cover of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo features the Prophet Mohammed holding a sign reading \"Je Suis Charlie\" [Content of a violent, sexual, racial or religious nature that some readers may find distressing or offensive. Viewer discretion is advised] Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo magazine's first edition after the deadly massacre, featuring a weeping Prophet Mohammed holding the iconic "Je Suis Charlie" sign, was already sold out within minutes at several kiosks across France, despite the exceptional three million copy-circulation.

Netizens were posting on Twitter pictures of long queues in front of French kiosks to buy a copy of the satirical magazine, whose print version will be available in six languages including Italian, Turkish and French.

The magazine has decided to publish three million copies – it sells about 60,000 copies usually – to show defiance against the perpetrators of the attack last week which killed 17 people including many of Charlie Hebdo's staff.

The cover also features a tagline in French reading "All is forgiven".

In Lyon and Paris, newsstands have already exposed signs reading "sold out"

Ahead of the release, Charlie Hebdo's surviving cartoonist released a statement explaining why he opted to feature the Prophet Muhammed.

Speaking at a press conference, French cartoonist Renald Luzier, also known as Luz said:

Charlie Hebdo Prophet Mohammad cartoons
Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo news editor in chief Gerard Briard (L) and columnist Patrick Pelloux comfort cartoonist Luz (C) during a news conference at the French newspaper Liberation offices in Paris. Philippe Wojazer/Reuters