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A diner said he was temporarily blinded after an angry chef threw hot chilli powder in his eyes when a row began after he complained about the food. David Evans, 46, complained that their Indian meal was "tough and rubbery" at the Prince of Bengal in Tonypandy, Rhondda, south Wales on Saturday 21 January.

Evans was out with his wife Michelle, 47, when the couple say they told the waiter about what they believed was sub-standard food. The complaint was passed onto the manager, who in turn, passed it onto the head chef, they say.

It was then that Michelle Evans claimed the chef came out of the kitchen and angrily confronted them. The college tutor says that the chef began shouting and swearing at them before he left the table.

David Evans followed him to the kitchen, demanding an apology. In the doorway between the kitchen and the main restaurant a further confrontation, took place with the chef throwing the powder into the pipe fitter's face.

The couple said that they rushed to hospital, where David had drips placed on his eyes to remove the burning hot powder.

Michelle Evans said, according to the Daily Telegraph: "What was meant to be a quick meal out with David turned out to be one of the most frightening times we've had. The Indian chef came to our table, he was extremely rude and aggressive and accused us of not wanting to pay for our food.

"He started swearing at me so David said: 'There's no need to swear at my wife.' The chef caused quite a scene and was shouting and swearing so David walked back to the kitchen door with him asking for an apology. The chef came to the door with a large bowl of chilli powder which he threw at David's face."

It was then that Michelle Evans said her husband thought he had been blinded by the chilli powder before he was taken to A&E.

"He instantly thought he had been blinded and didn't know what he'd thrown at him, he was shaking in shock, hanging on to the counter being sick thinking he was going to go blind," she said.

"It was horrific. He said he's never had so much pain in his life and was extremely distressed. Not one member of staff came to him to help or even ask if he was ok."

David Evans is now having regular specialist check-ups and taking steroid eye drops.

Chef Kamrul Islam, 46, a father-of-one, has admitted to throwing the powder into David's face, but said he feared he was about to be punched and Michelle Evans had "grabbed his arm".

"I ran into the kitchen to get away from him but he followed me. He was being very aggressive and pushed past another member of staff," he said. "I was frightened and grabbed a handful of chilli just in case I needed to defend myself. Chilli will burn but it is not life-threatening."

South Wales Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident and have arrested a man on suspicion of common assault. He has been bailed until 31 January.