Chelsea hooligans
Chelsea fans allegedly smashed Paris cafes and shops ahead of their sides Champions League match against PSG Twitter

Chelsea fans rampaged through the streets of Paris ahead of last night's Champions League clash and reports suggest hooligans raised Nazi salutes.

Cafés and shops were smashed by Blues hooligans who descended upon the French capital hours before their side took on Paris St Germain in football's elite European tournament.

Reports claimed the fans, who had been drinking in the city for much of the day, gave 'Sieg Heil' slautes and chanted English Defence League slogans. A flare cast by one fan billowed a blue mist outside a €5-a-pint English pub, The Frog & Rosbif.

Street fights broke out amongst rival fans and one group of about a dozen fans showered opposition supporters with beer bottles as tensions escalated before kick off at the Parc des Princes stadium.

About 300 hardcore fans, some thought to have links to the Chelsea Headhunters firm, are thought to have travelled to Paris via Belgium to evade detection.

Chelsea went on to lose the match 3-1 and now face a tough task in qualifying for the semi-finals of the knock-out tournament.

Chelsea hooligans
Paris journalist Peter Allen captured the damage caused by Chelsea fans ahead of the Champions League match @peterallenparis
Chelsea hooligans
Chelsea fans let off a blue flare in the heart of Paris before their side took on PSG @chelseaawayfans