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Chicago Fire season 4 episode 21 titled Kind Of A Crazy Idea will air tonight on NBC at 10 pm EST  NBC

With Chicago Fire season 4 finale approaching, the show's executive producer Matt Olmstead has revealed some major details pertaining to the team of firefighters, and also teased the focal point of the show – Casey and Dawson's romance.

Chicago Fire returns on 3 May with season 4 episode 21 titled, Kind Of A Crazy Idea, on NBC. According to a sneak peek video of the episode, Dawson will be faced with a threatening situation forcing her to take a decision that's surely going to impact her life. However, will this life-altering decision affect her relationship with Casey.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

In the upcoming episode, the team of firefighters will be on a rescue mission to save a young boy from a house-fire. Dawson, who is heading a team will put her best foot forward to save the boy and in the process will develop an instant connection with the child.

The situation will intensify when the firefighter steps beyond her line of duties and starts enquiring about the child's whereabouts. Throwing some light on the thin ice Dawson has stepped on, show-runner Olmstead teased an emotional dilemma for her.

"A light bulb goes off for her in terms of, 'Do things happen for a reason? Maybe I take care of this young boy temporarily?' Something, emotionally within her, really responds to not only the child, but the child's situation, which is fairly dire," Olmstead told TVLine.

A tough decision is in line for Dawson, which could naturally affect her equation with Casey, who in the meantime is busy pursuing his political aspirations. With the latest entry of political consultant Susan Weller – played by Lauren Stamile – Casey would certainly face a dilemma of his own, to his career and relationship. Considering the way, the plot is building up, it seems like the much-awaited season finale could explore the Casey-Dawson-Weller triangle.

Olmstead himself added fuel to fire saying, "He [Casey] likes her [Weller], trusts her. So in a business sense, it makes sense, but as we all know, sometimes when you click in business, that can lead to other things." Meanwhile, Lt Severide too is set to hit rock-bottom as he pitches for new some equipment for the house, which falls on deaf ears.

The official synopsis for episode 21 reads as follows:

So what do you think? Will the Casey-Weller angle be a mere infatuation or will Weller have a secret agenda as well? To know what happens further, watch the episode titled Kind Of A Crazy Idea on NBC at 10pm EST. Click here to watch it online in the US.