Chicago Fire season 4 episode 20 will deal with the repercussions of the last episode. In the upcoming episode titled The Last One For Mom, the team of firefighters and paramedics will be seen trying to put down a blaze at an art gallery and rescuing a trapped victim and "one of their own".

In the previous episode titled I Will Be Walking, Lt Kelly Selveride volunteered to look after a rather disinterested JJ — Holloway's 9-year-old son — whom the detective keeps on dropping at the firehouse as she deals with her undercover operation related to a Mexican gang.

The synopsis of episode 20 reads:

Matthew Casey, who was seen in episode 19 accompanying high school student Victor — a "victim of a gang-retribution" — to his graduation ceremony, will receive a suspicious care package in episode 20, which will have the Board of Ethics concerned.

Meanwhile, as the situation intensifies, Severide will be forced to handle the Mexican cartel case himself. Casey, on the other hand, will face twin threats — from the Board of Ethics for the mysterious package and also in terms of his relationship with Gabriela Dawson.

The recent change in scenario will have Casey's girlfriend Dawson concerned. Showrunner Matt Olmstead tipped off TV Line that Susan Weller's arrival will fuel suspicions in Casey and Dawson's relationship, though Dawson won't confront for the fear of appearing as a jealous girlfriend.

It seems like a fiery and feisty episode is up for grabs. Watch the 20th episode of Chicago Fire season 4 on 26 April (Tuesday) at 10pm EST on NBC. In case you missed the last episode, click here to live stream on the official website.