Ford (l) and McKellar

A father and son who "lived a lie" by raping women and chidren while working in charity shops, have been jailed.

Barry Ford, 64, corrupted his son Craig McKellar, 31, at an early age, heard Molden Crown Court.

Dad Ford was convicted of six rapes and 10 counts of sexual assault. He was jailed for 18 years. McKellar was jailed for three rapes and four sexual assaults.

The pair treated their victims as "sexual objects" and inflicted "untold misery and anguish on others," judge Rhys Rowlands told them.

He branded Ford a "monster who has gone through his life ruining lives."

Ford and McKellar's crimes stretch back to when the victims were children.

McKellar was told by Judge Rowlands that he had "a truly dreadful start in life and was shown no sort of example by his father."

The judge told Ford: "Had your son had a normal upbringing, with a decent individual for a father who knew how to behave, then it may be that he would not be standing alongside you today,"

"Fortunately, it is rare in the extreme for a court to have to deal with two men, a father and son, who between them have inflicted untold misery and anguish on others," he said.

Ford, who used to work for comestic firm Avon, made some victims wear makeup and perfume during attacks.

McKellar carried out attacks when he was a young boy and too young to be prosecuted. It was revealed that complaints had been made against Ford during the 1980s and 1990s, but no action was taken.

That failure to prosecute led Ford to think he had escaped justice and carry out more attacks.

McKellar would require extensive treatment in prison to deal with a past of damaging neglect.

Dep Con Paul Jones added: "I would like to thank the victims who showed strength and courage when they were approached by officers, and later when they gave their evidence to the Police and in the Crown Court. It has been a very traumatic experience for them all."

"Ford, who was found guilty of these offences has shown no remorse for his crimes, putting the victims and witnesses through the ordeal of a court trial."