China Tianjin blasts
China: Fresh explosions rock Tianjin blast site sending plumes of smoke into sky Jason Lee/Reuters

Fresh blasts have been reported at the Tianjin site which was earlier rocked by explosions at a chemical warehouse killing dozens.

The latest explosions were heard on Saturday, 15 August, sending plumes of smoke into the sky, state news agency Xinhua reported. Fresh fires broke out worsening the situation.

Though the fire appeared to have been controlled, smouldering wreckage three days after the initial explosions on Wednesday, 12 August has caused concern. At least 85 people, including 21 firefighters, have been killed and hundreds of others injured.

All inhabitants within a 3km radius have been evacuated. Many of them have been shifted to makeshift camps in nearby localities amid fears over the spread of toxic chemicals in the area.

"I asked my in-laws to take my daughter home, I don't want them to stay here. I'm worried. I heard it's going to rain later and that would make the air toxic," a migrant worker Tian Binyan was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Chinese anti-chemical-warfare personnel have entered the core area of the blast site in search of survivors.