The Chinese Spring Festival came to an end with a colourful and majestic Lantern Festival across China, Singapore, Thailand and other parts of the world, where there is a sizeable number of Chinese.

Fire crackers, red lanterns and traditional rituals were part of the festivities which marked the end of the Lunar Festival on Monday which falls on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year.

Celebrations such as Handan rituals in Thailand and Blood Shehuo parade in northern Chinese cities were observed with traditional fervour and dedication as part of the festivities on February 6.

According to tradition, "Master Handan" is a god of wealth who is afraid of cold and throwing firecrackers at him can drive the chill away from his body. During the Handan procession worshippers throw firecrackers at Master Handan to become more successful and wealthy in life.

Another tradition, mostly observed in northern parts of China, is "Blood Shehuo."

During the Blood Shehuo parade, folk artistes don facial makeup to appear as being pierced by objects such as axes, scissors and knives, featuring scenes of horror in traditional stories. This tradition is held only in Baoji county and performed only during leap years.

Take a look at the red lanterns and traditional rituals during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations: