China Woman
The mother was recently stopped by police for breastfeeding her 18 month old son while driving a moped.

It has long been said that women are great at multi-tasking. But one busy mum has stretched the concept to its limits by breastfeeding and riding a moped at the same time.

The young woman was pulled over by police as she drove her bike through the streets of Yuzhou in China's central Henan province.

According to news site People's daily, the child, who was sat on his mother's lap without an helmet, was crying as the woman weaved through traffic.

Witnesses said that in a bid to silence the distressed baby, who was about 18-months old, she lifted up her T-shirt and began to nurse the infant.

She showed off her multi-tasking skills by supporting him with one hand while steering her bike with the other.

Police swiftly swooped in and threatened to confiscate the woman's vehicle if she continued threatening "her life, her son's life and the lives of all the other road users."

A police spokesman said she was let off with a warning.