Following the recent comments by FBI Director James Comey, who claimed the US loses billions of dollars each year due to Chinese hackers, China called the entire US ploy a "fabrication of facts,.

"We express strong dissatisfaction with the United States' unjustified fabrication of facts in an attempt to smear China's name and demand that the U.S. side cease this type of action," said Hong Lei, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday (9 October).

The spokesman also commented on a widely held belief in China that the US is hypocritical, following the spying claims leaked by former US Intelligence officer Edward Snowden.

"We also demand that the U.S. side cease its large-scale systematic Internet attacks on other countries. The United States tries to divert attention by crying wolf. This won't succeed," added the spokesman.

Hacking and online spying charges on both sides have increased tensions between the two world leaders.

United States accused five Chinese military officers in May over hacking into US companies, with FBI Director Comey saying:

"I liken them a bit to a drunk burglar. They're kicking in the front door, knocking over the vase, while they're walking out with your television set. They're just prolific."

China remains in denial, and Lei says the country has not only banned hacking but, "firmly strikes" against the criminal practice.