A Chinese man, who claimed to have electrocuted an alien and stored the body in his freezer, confessed to the police that he faked the whole story, state media reported on Wednesday (July 12).

The man, surnamed Li from Binzhou city in eastern China's Shandong province, admitted that he assembled the extraterrestrial with wire ropes, bone glue, and antholeucin, according to state television CCTV.

Li posted an online blog on Saturday (June 8) claiming that he was a seafood businessman and had a hobby of hunting wild rabbits. The CCTV report however said Li was a farmer.

Li wrote that he ran into five aliens on the banks of the Yellow River about three months ago, and confronted them before one of the aliens was killed by a high voltage electric fence he had set up to catch wild rabbits, local media said.

Li said he took the body of the dead alien home, and kept it in his freezer. Li also posted photos of the "dead alien" next to his story.

Li said he had reported the encounter to the police the next day, but was ignored, so three months later he decided to speak to the police again on Friday (June 7) and made his story public on the Internet, local reports said.

Li's story soon became an Internet hit and drew the attention of the police. After interrogation, Li confessed he got his inspiration from the movie, Paul, starring Simon Pegg. Li said he just wanted to make people believe that aliens exist, an act he says he now regrets.

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