Chris Brown should be looking ahead to a great weekend ahead with his 27<sup>th birthday looming and new album Heartbreak On A New Moon about to drop. But the Say Goodbye singer is reportedly not quite jumping for joy. Reports say that the 26-year-old Brown still has feelings for former girlfriend Rihanna and is not so happy to learn she is getting close to Leonardo DiCaprio again.

According to a source reported in Hollywood Life, the Royalty star is "hurt" and "stunned" to learn that Rihanna has been hanging around with the Academy Award winning actor once again. "Chris thought Rihanna was done playing around with bad boys who don't want to commit. He was stunned a little bit to hear she's back in Leo's arms and whispering in his ear," the source told the magazine.

Perhaps Brown can't get over the fact that he and the Barbadian singer are no longer a couple, "That [Rihanna and DiCaprio getting cozy] hurt him a bit because he still has feelings for her," the source added.

The Barbadian singer had a tumultuous affair with the rapper and, following reports of Brown assaulting Rihanna in 2009, the couple split for good. However, in his new documentary, Brown has expressed regret at the way he handled things with his former lover in the past. In the trailer, the 26-year old can be seen getting emotional while talking about the incident when he attacked Rihanna in February 2009.

"As a former bad boy himself, Chris changed his entire image and persona, mostly for Royalty, but partly for RiRi too," the source claimed.

Rihanna has been busy making random appearances with her rumoured boyfriend DiCaprio. After the couple was spotted together at Coachella's after-party, the Neon Carnival, they sparked dating rumours. They reunited once again during the opening of a nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend which further fuelled rumours. According to EW, the pair were spotted, "whispering into each other's ears."

Whether or not Brown is trying to win back Rihanna, the source told Hollywood Life that he doesn't want her to fall for DiCaprio's "glory", "Leo's still a player and he hopes she knows that," he added.