The mother of Ben Affleck is reportedly not happy that the "Batman" actor tied the knot with Jennifer Lopez, a new report claimed.

Globe reported that Affleck's mom did not want her son to marry Lopez this soon. An unnamed source told the magazine, "A number of Ben's friends, his mom included, worry Jennifer's too controlling, he's rushed to the altar, and it could all end in tears. Christine Boldt is a tough, highly intelligent lady who adores Jennifer Garner and was devastated when that ended. They're still very close, so it's not a big shock that she's wary of J.Lo."

The same tipster added that Casey, Ben Affleck's brother, and best friend Matt Damon have all doubts when it comes to Jennifer Lopez. Both of them are allegedly worried that the "Let's Get Loud" singer is just using Jennifer Garner's ex-husband for her advantage.

The informant shared, "He really wants everyone he cares about to love her the way he does but the reaction has been pretty lukewarm. Ben and Jennifer are at the centre of the whole Hollywood machine, and that's just not Casey's thing. He can't relate and pretty much avoids hanging out with them."

Ben Affleck's loved ones are reportedly trying to be as warm and civil as they can be toward Jennifer Lopez. However, deep inside, they allegedly do not just adore the ex-ladylove of Alex Rodriguez.

The unidentified insider furthered, "Ben's mom is polite about Jennifer and cordial, of course, as is his brother and sceptical buddies like Matt. But the shared view is Jennifer's got a lot of proving to do, and it'll take a lot for her to charm the Afflecks."

Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have yet to comment on the reports saying that the "Gone Girl" star's loved ones do not like the "Papi" hitmaker. So, avid followers of the newlyweds should take all these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Most, if not all, fans are aware that Affleck and Lopez tied the knot in Las Vegas at A Little White Wedding Chapel. After waiting in line with four other couples to get a marriage license, the "On the Floor" singer revealed they almost didn't make it to the venue in time by midnight, but the chapel kept its doors open for them.

The wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was rather intimate, but a few fortunate people were in the audience. Emme, Lopez's daughter with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and Seraphina, Affleck's daughter with Jennifer Garner, reportedly served as witnesses.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Reuters / Mike Blake