Two days before Christmas, a white-bearded man robbed the Academy Bank in Colorado Springs. Surprisingly, the man threw all the money in the air and waited patiently to be arrested by the police. Police arrived to find the 65-year-old suspect waiting at a nearby Starbucks.

December 23 saw a bizarre crime committed by 65-year-old David Wayne Oliver. A little after noon, the elderly man walked into Academy Bank located at 1 South Tejon Street, Colorado Springs. He informed the bank teller that he was robbing the bank and that he had a concealed weapon. The teller handed the old man an undisclosed amount of money before the man peacefully walked out of the bank.

Witnesses reported that Oliver walked out of the bank and started to throw money in the air. While the Father Christmas look-alike threw the money to strangers, he shouted his festive message.

Santa mask robbery
A white-bearded elderly man robbed a bank only to give away the money while shouting "Merry Christmas." Memphis Police Department

Denver Post reported that Colorado Springs Police Spokesperson, Sargent Jim Jeffocat, refused to confirm that Oliver threw money in the air while shouting "Merry Christmas." However, eyewitness Dion Pascale told KKTV that Oliver did give away all the money while wishing everyone "Merry Christmas."

Pascale narrated that once Oliver had thrown the money in the air, bystanders picked up the money and returned it to the bank. Even though some of the money has been reportedly returned, the police have confirmed that thousands of dollars remain missing. The police have not disclosed the amount of money Oliver had taken from the bank nor the amount which remains missing.

The manager of the nearby Starbucks told the media that the staff at the coffee shop did not notice Oliver sitting in the patio area. Without placing an order, Oliver sat down in the patio seating area of the coffee shop, apparently waiting for the police.

According to a tweet by Colorado Springs Police, Oliver is being held at El Paso County Criminal Justice Centre. The day after Christmas, the magnanimous robber will have to appear in court for his first hearing.

On December 23, David Oliver was booked into the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center following a bank robbery in the 00 block of Tejon Street. Police Blotter #27498

Mugshot: David Oliver, 65

— Colorado Springs Police (@CSPDPIO) December 24, 2019