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Cilla Black's doting son found her body after he smashed down the door when she failed to respond following an afternoon siesta. The iconic singer and TV presenter's eldest son Bobby broke open the door when he wanted to check she was OK after she did not answer him. She was reportedly lying on her back on a sun terrace adjoining her bedroom of a villa near Marbella, on the Costa del Sol.

A post-mortem examination into her death is due to be held later on 3 August. Apparently, there were marks found on her right arm and elbow, which could be linked to her falling over. Paramedics arrived at the property around 6pm on 1 August but she was dead at the scene. Her body was removed the following day, at 1.30am.

A source close to the investigation in Spain told The Sun: "There's no conclusive autopsy results yet but the main theory right now is that she had a dizzy turn after going from an air-conditioned room into the midday heat and losing her balance. The marks she's got are consistent with a fall where she's put up an arm as a defence mechanism.

"What's need to be determined now is why she fell and whether it was indeed to do with the sudden change in temperature and the effect that had on her, which seems the most likely scenario at the moment, or whether something else triggered the collapse."

Police ruled out any criminal act was involved in her death. Meanwhile, a book of condolence has been opened at the town hall in her home town of Liverpool as tributes continue to pour in from all over the showbiz world to pay respects to the much-loved "national treasure".

Black's long-term friend Paul O'Grady said: "It's like the fun has gone, the lights are turned down now. That's it. God, I'm going to miss Cilla. It doesn't seem real. I'm completely stunned."

Bruce Forsyth told ITV News: "Bobby will be there to meet her, she never really got over Bobby her husband leaving when he did."