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While official word about "Civilization 7" remains scarce, fans of the strategy game series are convinced that it's not that far away considering that, historically, the gap between each game release is around five years. Since the current "Civilization VI" was released in 2016, it's about time for its sequel to arrive.

Over the years, the gaming series has added more content to the strategy game such as new leaders, new units, and other new gameplay details. Thus, it is highly likely that "Civilization VII" will also introduce new playable civilizations. Here are some of the potential new civilizations coming to "Civ 7," as suggested by GameRant.

South Africa

South Africa's history of diamond mining can be referenced in-game with an ability related to that pricey luxury good. Developers may also find a way to incorporate South Africa's multiple capital cities into "Civilization 7" to further emphasize its uniqueness.

If it is included in "Civ 7," South Africa would likely be led by one of the most iconic presidents ever—Nelson Mandela. He would likely possess skills that contribute to a Diplomatic victory in the game.

The Inuit

In previous games, the snow-covered tundra is not the ideal place to build due to the limited food resources available in the region due to the absence of farming options. However, this would be solved by introducing the Inuit as a civilization that will be able to make full use of all that snow and tundra with the ability to get additional food from both whale and deer resources.

Since little is known about the historical leaders of the Inuit and their forebears, mythological figures like Kiviuq or Eheuhnick have been used in prior mods for Civilization games to represent them.


Argentina's inclusion could open the door for a scenario that is specifically set in South America, as several South American civilizations have already been featured in previous Civilization games. Argentina would most likely possess skills that would encourage the player to achieve a cultural win in the game, given their history of music, art, and literature.