Armed police are hunting a gunman in Clacton (Reuters) Reuters

A gunman is being hunted by police in Clacton, Essex, after a man was shot dead and another injured. The injured man was reported to have suffered serious leg injuries.

Armed police are urging residents to remain indoors while they search for the suspect after hearing reports of shotgun fire in the Redbridge Road area.

Essex Police said: "Officers were contacted shortly after 3.30pm on July 9 following reports of shotgun fire in Fairlop Close.

"They arrived and found one man dead and another with serious leg injuries. Residents are being urged to remain indoors while armed officers locate the gunman.

"Neighbourhood policing officers are maintaining a high-profile and visible presence in the community, supporting victims and witnesses.

"Members of the public are urged to contact police on 999 if they see the gunman who should not be approached."