A young man has allegedly been shot in the head following clashes with protesters at the Istanbul neighbourhood of Okmayedani.

Footage that emerged online showed 27-year-old Ugur Kurt laying on the ground in the yard of a mosque.

Police fired teargas to disperse a group of 10-15 people who were chanting slogans against the government for the Soma coal mine disaster, in which 301 workers were killed, and in support of Berkin Elvan, the 15-year-old protester who died after being hit by a police teargas canister during the Gezi park protests of last year.

An armoured police vehicle reportedly caught fire after being targeted by a Molotov cocktail thrown by a protester. Police then exited the vehicle and opened fire on the group.

Kurt, who works for the Beyoglu Municipality, was allegedly attending a funeral in local cemevi, a place of gathering of fundamental importance for the local Alevi population, when he was shot in the head. He was immediately taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Protester wounded