Zebra crossings might need a new name as cats seem to be cottoning on to how they can halt traffic. Adorable dash-cam footage has emerged showing a kitty in Dartford patiently waiting for cars to stop at a crossing before sauntering across the road itself.

The video was captured on Sunday (4 September 2016) by Justin Scrutton, a local business owner from Stone, according to the News Shopper. He told the paper that the cat looked like he had "done that before", describing it as "sweet".

"I just approached the zebra crossing and looked both sides, as you do, in case there was a child. I thought 'Is the cat going to run out?'

"He was looking at me, waiting for me so I slowed down. Both cars stopped and the cat looked both ways, he thought 'It's my turn' and crossed."

Scrutton can be heard laughing in the video as he drives up to the crossing and the cat before applauding the moggy's road safety and saying "Spot on".